"Changing your self image can change your life.
  Changing your self image begins with changing your Self Talk."
Dr. Jim Will

Are you talking yourself into achieving less than your potential in life?  Oh, not consciously, of course, no one would do that purposely.  But with your Self Talk, you may be doing it, just the same.

In recent years, we have come to understand more about the relationship between our Self Talk and our actions.  It has become clear how strongly the outcomes of our daily lives are influenced by our Self Talk-what we say, or think, to ourselves.

Sometimes our thinking, guided by our Self Talk, empowers us to do things that seem impossible.  Sometimes it sabotages the very success we seek.  Most importantly, I've learned that we can control our thinking by choosing to control our Self Talk.  This Self Talk is the "programming" that shapes our self image, and our self image, more than any other factor, determines our "limits" in life.  Our thoughts can determine what we believe about ourselves.  Our beliefs, in turn, can determine whether we succeed or fail in many areas of our lives.  When we control our Self Talk, we also control many things that happen to us.

This goes far beyond positive thinking because it focuses on stopping the negative Self Talk, that, if unchecked, undermines any positive thoughts you might have.  You can replace negative Self Talk with positive statements that are targeted to help you succeed.  Your chances for improved success are high and are real, if you use the principles in The Power of Self Talk The principles in my book are tested and have helped many, many people over a number of years.

In the Self Talk Toolkit, you will explore how to increase and encourage positive, helpful Self Talk and how to banish negative Self Talk.  Control of Self Talk is essential.  If we allow negative Self Talk to continue, our brain tends to ensure that the negative thoughts become our reality.

The first step in controlling Self Talk is to become aware of it.  Once we are aware of what we are saying, we can change our Self Talk, if we want to.  Change is possible for us all, and it can be easy.  If we want to change our Self Talk, we can make changes in our lives immediately!  It doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process.

By changing and controlling your Self Talk, you can learn how to create comfort zones and self images that work for you!

Self talk, self-esteem, and self-confidence are interlinked in such a way as to produce the results you achieve in life. For much of my career as a consultant to individuals and corporations,  I have studied the high performer to understand the components that create success in life

Take the famous example of the runners who sought to break the once "impossible" four-minute mile. For many years this goal seemed beyond man's abilities. Then, one individual beat that record and proved that it could be done. Soon, dozens of runners embraced a new Self Talk and were able to beat that mark, and now, many years later, it is commonplace.

Think about it for a moment. What really are our "limits"?

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